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Comment from: nikolaj

why not just make a offline vision of game and a online

and i will say that they MUST make a online vision of oblivion too.

so if fans want a online or offline they just buy it. or just make it online what is the problem with that...

12th April 2011 @ 17:16
Comment from: Adrian

why don't you just make the arena a multiplayer thing? Like, as soon as you enter the arena, a menu pops up and asks if you want to fight offline (story) or online against other random players?
But no corpse looting with players... That would be frustrating...
I think that the arena is the perfect place to make a multiplayer setting.
Oh! And of course you should get the option whether or not you want to fight against players that are around your level.

9th July 2011 @ 10:22
Comment from: Adrian

Cant you make it so that the arena is the only place you'll ever come close to PVP action? And no looting... That would be a pain in the ass >.<
I think you should be allowed the option to fight offline or on.

9th July 2011 @ 10:24
Comment from: thePear

i understand why it would be hard to put multiplayer in this Skyrim, but i can't say i wouldn't enjoy the game 10,000 more times if it had like split screen (my isp sucks :S) or online co-op, but like an arena area where u can like go online or and do like 1vs1 or 5vs5 deathmatch type games(i.e ONE life) wich would be so totally awesome to see in TES, i mean come on, bethesda would be soooo popular for making the first real fantasy/midevil kinda sorta multiplayer game ever, but i'm thinkin bethesda is thinkin more of the players not the money :). so those are my thoughts..... co-op and multiplayer would be an amazing breakthrough :P

29th August 2011 @ 03:49

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