Comment from: josh contois
josh contois

you should add another race

26th February 2011 @ 10:43
Comment from: christian vega
christian vega

make that 2 new races

13th April 2011 @ 22:14
Comment from: Aaron Leal
Aaron Leal

add another race, i think its a little annoying to do same races over again

17th May 2011 @ 21:49
Comment from: Dillon

Add a dwarven race and and and undead race

14th June 2011 @ 02:32
Comment from: dustin

You should add a humanoid/dragonoid race it should be reptilian has wings a tail walks on two legs resestance to fire and disease and a special fly ability increased hand to hand destruction agility and strength they should have talons and beaks with a bluish color for the males and a light red color for the females

20th June 2011 @ 06:09
Comment from: MATTHEW

adding another race isn't worth how it won't make sense at all, please don't listen to these people

27th June 2011 @ 02:01
Comment from: tripp

they shouldnt add new races, theey should make them more evolvled since its 200 years later.like what dustin said about having wings and such except give those abilities to the other races

29th June 2011 @ 18:27
Comment from: logan

ya you should do what dustin said and it would make sence because its like how you added the dragons

12th July 2011 @ 18:24
Comment from: john

do not listene to dustin, having a race like that would make the game to easy, all races should have strengths and weaknesses. if any new race would come in i ecspect it either dwarf or another race from black marsh

14th July 2011 @ 16:21
Comment from: kjay

ya the whole humaniod/dragoniod thing sounds cool but it sounds like an argonain except the fly ability and the other attribrutes

18th July 2011 @ 04:20
Comment from: Josh

yeah you should definitely add a new race or two to the bunch. perhaps a human/daedra mix that is good at magic

19th July 2011 @ 02:15

ok guys honestly the normal races are good,but i completly agree adding a few would be nice....i love the idea from josh it would make a nice change just for the fact that in the previous game(oblivion) it was your goal to kill them. but in all fair-ness the dragon one sounds great but it would make it easy so i say make the dragon race the most difficult one to level up. oh and maybe new classes would be nice like having two longswords or when your strong enough you can hold two-handed weapons with one,not the high level two-handed just like iron and steel. well ive said my opinions,oh wait add more to the races there more attributes :P

22nd July 2011 @ 08:03
Comment from: Morph

To be honest I don't think that they should add new races but do what a number of other users are saying evolve the races and add new attributes but don't add something stupid that will make the game totally unbalanced like wings, also if you added wings(I know you probably wont but still) you would be making more work for yourself creating an animation that doesn't look crappy or cheap. I think the races are fine how they are but could do with more attributes or even some special abilities like a charge ability that does some damage or a special attack like a counter that helps you kill the enemies in a cool new fashion.

12th August 2011 @ 16:34
Comment from: Ethan

Dillon-Dwarves are extinct. Hints why there is dwarven armor and artifacts. The races are fine how they are. Im glad there are kids on skyrim though. There wasn't a single kid on Oblivion...lol

17th August 2011 @ 14:00
Comment from: Ocadioan

I would like the wood elf class to be like the description says, good with bows. None of its atributes go to the bow, they have command creature and resist disease, make them have a bonus with a bow. It would not be overpowering them because their other abilities stink, the argonians make a better archer than the wood elf, because they also have resistance to poison and can breath underwater.

4th September 2011 @ 08:31
Comment from: JoeTheMighty

Well half of you people are either under the age of 10 or just plain stupid! Sorry to be blunt but its obvious.. i think if they were to add a race to skyrim it has to be the dwarves.. Make a DLC about the dwarves.. kinda the way DragonAgeOrigins depicted them! Except change up the story.. but yea like something horrible happend to them or they pissed of the gods with there technology & were sent to another realm but a dwarven genius created a worm hole back to nirn (StargateSG1style) and they are rebuilding there society secretly underground, so deep there are oceans, rivers, falls of lava.. They use hydroponics & LEDS To grow food and herbs for everyone! and make them short! I Read that there the size of humans? Just say its a myth and make them shorter than elves but super ripped like arnold scwarznager LOL.. They use machines and Robots & have plenty of resources underground to harvest, maybe could be why they came back?? It would be amazing pass this idea to TODD HOWARD He'll understand what im saying lol

28th September 2011 @ 09:22
Comment from: sang do lee
sang do lee

races are good maybe with dlc more races for me its fine for now maybe an paladin ^^ this game awesome i like ^^ and even rpg dont kidding me this is freaking awesome i love rpg's

11th October 2011 @ 06:59
Comment from: Cen408

I think they should leave the game as it is, besides dwarves are extinct that's why there armor and weapons are the best. A dragon race doesn't make sense at all since you are the last of the DRAGONBORN!!!

17th October 2011 @ 19:23
Comment from: Jsayswhat?

This game is awesome enough, stop telling them to add weird races like a dragonoid/human. It's weird and the character would have to have the weirdest background story ever. Side comment - Why are the dwarves gone while the elves are still thriving? Where did they go? Anyways all I'm saying is the races they have already created are what they should stick to, if you've seen the new screen shots of them then you would have to agree.

18th October 2011 @ 03:42
Comment from: Buffalobill

Morons! No new races! I play dwarves in every rpg that has them. This one does not and it is the best rpg series out there! Character class, HELLO! You are what you play! Without being forced! If you want to be a pally, where heavy armor, use a sword n shield, learn a heal, turn undead, and cure poison n disease spells and only do lawful good acts! Free will in the game to have to decide to play the character class. Amazing! Can't wait! Stupid draconian race idea! Moron. Wait for someone to create a game based on the dragonlance stuff! Oh they did and the game sucked, granted it was 15 or so years ago

27th October 2011 @ 13:09
Comment from: john

its just funny to watch you guys argue, get a life!

31st October 2011 @ 23:49

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